Welcome to Our New Website!

This website has been literally years in the making. The challenge of getting every winner, honor list and long list work into a comprehensive, well-organized database was the major hurdle, and there were several other challenges. We could never have done it without the amazing Frances d’Ath, whom we found through an ad we placed on Geek Feminism. Aside from all of her paid work, she contributed a great deal of volunteer time, particularly in populating the database. If you are looking for a technically skilled, artistically inclined webmistress who will be patient with your every whim, go to Frances.

Things to notice:

  • Recommendations are now open for the 2016 awards! Feel free to recommend early and often. Recommending your own work is absolutely fine.
  • The awards database has a separate page for each work, and is fully searchable. Database search is easily reached from the link in this paragraph, or the permanent link in the upper right-hand corner of the site.
  • The store is not fully e-commerce compatible, but everything (anthologies! cookbooks! temporary tattoos! more!) can be purchased through Paypal or by check.
  • Our logo and branding, including spacebabe, are all designed by the irreplaceable Jeanne Gomoll, Motherboard member and force for good. The original spacebabe design comes from Alex Toth.
  • Please subscribe to our mailing list for occasional updates.
  • Your donations and/or volunteer time make the award better.
  • New fellowship applications will open sometime this year. Please check out our 2015 fellowship winners, of whom we are extremely proud.
  • Of course, this year’s award winners and honor list will be announced in late March or early April.
  • Videos from December’s Tiptree Symposium are available for viewing. The first one is here, with links to the others (there are seven altogether).

Julie Gomoll provided invaluable testing and design help.

All websites are works in progress. If you have suggestions or comments, or you find problems, email us.

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