WisCon 40 So Far

We are in the middle of WisCon, and so far the convention itself, and the Tiptree Award presence here, have been a huge success.


Eleanor Arnason, co-winner of the very first Tiptree Award, crowned Tiptree winner Eugene Fischer with the beautiful tiara which Elise Matthesen donated to the award on Friday night. We think he once again proves the dictum that every winner looks magnificent in the tiara.

Last night’s auction, hosted by the amazing Sumana Harihareswara (aka brainwane) was a financial success, but if you could measure the success in laughter, we’d be in the one percent. If you were there, you would have seen Sumana in a bustier, in King George’s crown, and in other guises, but here she is modeling the Superman (Supergirl?) pants which were auctioned off and donated to the fabulous women who struggled to provide closed captioned versions of Sumana’s fast patter.

CjlbUD3WgAALT2f.jpg large

Our undying thanks to Sumana, the captioners, all the volunteers (set-up, tear-down, at-auction helpers, tweeter, cashiers and more) and to the audience and bidders!

Tonight Eugene Fischer gets officially honored and gets his check, original artwork, chocolate, and more!

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