Sheri S. Tepper: 1929-2016


Sheri S. Tepper died over this past weekend,  She was an incredibly prolific SF author, with more than 25 novels to her credit. She also wrote as E. E. Horlak, B. J. Oliphant, and A. J. Orde.

Her books appeared on the Tiptree Award Honor List twice:

  • 2007 for The Margarets
  • 2001 for The Fresco

and on the Long list four times:

  • 1999 for Singer from the Sea
  • 1998 for Six Moon Dance
  • 1994 for Shadow’s End
  • 1993 for A Plague of Angels 

She was also a guest of honor at WisCon 22, where she delivered a fiery, radical speech on the subject of birth control, women’s health and population, drawing upon her 1970s activism and work with Planned Parenthood. She will be remembered for the feminist and ecological themes of her work.

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