Photos from the Tiptree Symposium

If you missed the Tiptree Symposium, you might enjoy this panoply of pictures of all symposium participants (plus an extra shot from the Friday night Tiptree Award party). All photos by Jeanne Gomoll.

Vonda N. McIntyre, Molly Gloss, Karen Joy Fowler, Debbie Notkin, Suzy McKee Charnas, and Julie Phillips
Allison Ford, Lauren Stewart, Keegan Williams, and Kylie Pun from Professor Edmond Chang’s feminist science fiction class; moderator Philip Scher
Karen Joy Fowler giving her keynote speech
Filmmaker Arwen Curry introduces her documentary about Ursula Le Guin
Alexis Lothian announcing the 2016 Tiptree Fellowship winners
micha cárdenas, Aren Aizura, Tuesday Smillie, and Alexis Lothian
adrienne maree brown and Grace Dillon
Kelly Sue DeConnick, interviewed by Ben Saunders
A collage of Brian Attebery’s final keynote

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