The 2009 Otherwise Award was given to Greer Gilman and Fumi Yoshinaga at WisCon 34, May 31, 2013, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Art Prizes

Art Prize
Greer Gilman Music box with cover artwork from Cloud & Ashes, designed by Ellen Klages. Several songs inside include: “John Barleycorn Must Die.”
Art Prize
Fumi Yoshinaga Glass panels by Debbie Cross


Yoshinaga For Grer Gilman and Fumi Yoshinaga, to the tune of “Frère Jacques”
Cloud and ashes, cloud and ashes
Dark amd wise, dark and wise
Tiptree winner Gilman, Tiptree winner Gilman
Takes the prize, takes the prize.

Yoshinaga, Yoshinaga
Mangaka, mangaka
She has won the Tiptree, she has won the Tiptree
Shout “Hurrah!” Shout “Hurrah!”

Ceremony Images