Most of the books and stories that Otherwise Award jurors read to pick a winner are nominated by authors and readers. We need your suggestions. If you’ve read a work of science fiction or fantasy that explores or expands our notions of gender, please tell us about it by filling out the recommendation form below. If you have more than one, just fill out the form again with a new recommendation and repeat the process until you’ve told us about them all.

The Additional Comments field is optional, but we recommend saying something in that field about the ways in which the work explores and expands our understanding of gender.

Recommendations for this year’s award close December 31, 2023. Because recommendations are accepted from everyone, and haven’t been reviewed by the jury, we request that nominated creators not publicize their appearance on this list: if you win, or your work shows up on an honor list or long list, please publicize to your heart’s content!

The 2023 Otherwise Award will be given in 2024, location to be determined.

To let us know something related to recommendations that doesn’t fit in the form, please email

Anything that you enter in the Author, Title, Publisher, Link, and Additional Comments fields will be publicly visible. If you want to add non-public comments about the work that you’re recommending, email

Recommendations are Closed

The current Recommendations for the Otherwise Award can be found here:
2024 Otherwise Award Recommendations

The 2023 Otherwise Award Recommendations

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