The magical realism of Ecuador is distinctive; the role of the Andean mountain range is to harbor secrets–eternal wisdom–and our role is to be taught and blessed by the volcanoes and mountains that enclose us. It’s not our destiny to carve our protectors, to destroy them from the inside. It’s not ours to mine.

I’m working on a novel that’s both historical and contemporary, both Spanish and English, of both our flesh and the ghostly. It’s a project that relies heavily on research. This novel has torn me apart from the inside out; it’s my Everest, I like to say to people — the analogy only paints a picture of the romanticization of my struggle. In fact, I’m too afraid sometimes to even put on my gear..

The Tiptree Fellowship Award enlightens my path. The Award has taught me to believe in myself a bit more, even if it means believing that this project is timely in nature, and maybe its time isn’t now. I’m grateful for the monetary and moral support from the Tiptree committee. Tiptree’s commitment to gender expansion and exploration has inspired me to start on another project; it’s a story that takes place in the same realm as my previous novel’s, where ghosts inhabit our Earth and we’re merely visitors.