You can buy individual items through the Paypal buttons on the item’s pages. If you are buying multiple items, or if you don’t want to use Paypal, fill out our order form. Once your order has been confirmed (you’ll receive an email), you can pay the total through Paypal (include your order number and info so we’ll know what it’s about), or you can make a check out to The Otherwise Award, and send it to 173 Anderson Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. If neither of these work, you can email and we’ll figure something out together.

(Yes, we’re working on a full, online order form, but for now we encourage you to use this half old-fashioned form of ordering and supporting the Otherwise Award.)

* Everything the Otherwise Award does—from giving out cash prizes, to the Fairy Godmother Award, to publishing gender-bending anthologies—is funded by bake sales, auctions and contributions from fans and supporters.

Don’t bother including Spacebabe Tattoos in shipping costs.