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Freddie Baer has created and donated a Tiptree T-shirt design for each year of the Tiptree Award’s life. A limited number of Freddie’s T-shirts are silkscreened and made available at the site of the Tiptree Ceremony; they usually sell out very quickly. Sometimes Tiptree shirts do show up at auctions, where they inspire wild bidding.

Freddie Baer is a political artist and graphic designer who lives in San Francisco. She is best known for her detailed, surrealistic collages. Over the last two decades, her illustrations have appeared on numerous book covers (including the second Tiptree cookbook, Her Smoke Rose Up From Supper), t-shirts, posters, and album covers, and she is known throughout the small press and marginal communities. A book of her work, Ecstatic Incisions: The Collages of Freddie Baer, was published in 1992 by AK Press.

To reach Freddie Baer, email us and let us know why you want to connect with her.

If you are interested in purchasing a particular year and size t-shirt, email us and we’ll see what we can do …


The 25th Annual Award T-shirt is especially exciting, because it has the names of all the winners around the art!