The 2011 Otherwise Award was given to Dubravka Ugresic at WisCon 35, May 30, 2013, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Art Prizes

Art Prize
Dubravka Ugresic Sculpture by Johnna Y. Klukas


Baba Yaga Laid an Egg to the tune of “Oh My Darling Clementine”
Tiptree winner, Tiptree winner,
Baba Yaga Laid An Egg
Baba Yaga
is an old crone
in a house on chicken legs.

Gender roles are
a fundamental
part of all society.
Baba Yaga
pokes and pods them
with surreal frivolity.

Change the World with
Tiptree bake sales—
It’s a clear and simple goal
Reconsider science fiction
And its view of gender roles.

Tiptree bake sales
Tiptree t-shirts
Tiptree auctions we have run
We have chosen
Many winners
And we’ve had a lot of fun.

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