The 2015 Otherwise Award was given to Eugene Fischer at WisCon 40, May 27-30, 2016, in Madison, Wisconsin; and Pat Schmatz at Fourth Street Fantasy, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Art Prizes

Art Prize
Eugene Fischer Painted nesting dolls by Rebecca Ford
Art Prize
Pat Schmatz Painting by Mia Sereno


Combining artwork from both covers of Tiptree winners, by Georgie Schnobrich


Eugene Fischer Won the Prize For Eugene Fischer, to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching”
Eugene Fischer won the prize
He did! He did!
He opened everybody’s eyes.
He did! He did!
Parthenogenesis is the thing
That made the Tiptree jury sing
And we’re here to say that New Mother won the Prize.

Don’t need a man to have a kid.
You don’t. You don’t.
Don‘t need to have sex like humans did.
You don’t. You don’t
Virgin birth is the method new.
Your kid is your clone—looks just like you!
And we’re overjoyed that New Mother won the prize.
Lizard Radio song For Pat Schmatz, to the tune of “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean”
Tiptree, Tiptree,
We’re giving the Tiptree to Pat!
Pat Schmatz!
Lizard Radio
A book that’s in everyone’s thoughts!

She told us the tale of Kivali
And broadcasts that go very far
Through friendship, through fear, and through folly
Before you can be what you are

They tell us we come from the
One They tell us we live in the light
But how do we make our decisions
When neither alternative’s right?

She tells us of camp and of comrades
Of power and all of that jazz
Of finding trance-missions of freedom
By using whatever one has

Ceremony Images